Triple C Brewing's 7th Anniversary Party

Triple C Brewing in Charlotte, NC holds a special place in my heart. After all, my wife and I hosted our wedding reception at the brewery only a few months after they opened. For a while there, I was sure we were going to be the only wedding ever held there, as they prefer to focus on quality beer and not weddings. :)

So fast forward to 2019, and owner Chris Harker reached out to inquire about working together to produce their 7th Anniversary Party. Chris and I've had many conversations about live music and the impact it has on breweries, and we both happen to have very similar tastes. So this year, he trusted me in booking the talent and producing the event.

Of course I initially went after jambands, as that's Harker's favorite. The challenge is working within a budget that doesn't break the bank, but also generates a quality return on investment. So we got creative and crossed over a few genres. Ended up with Liz Cooper & the Stampede headlining, which if you're not familiar you likely will be soon. She's heading out on tour with Tyler Childers late 2019 for several sold out shows in 2k capacity venues. Her sound has a mix of psychadelic rock meets groovy 70's rock n'roll, with a fair amount of jamming mixed in.

Songs From the Road Band, a regionally based bluegrass act that's topping the charts with their latest album, was a nice warm up. And to round it out, we had local Charlotte favorites Sinners & Saints.

The party was a groovy good time, although we fought some weather. I like to think our marketing efforts and cross-genre programming led to a nice eclectic mix of attendees who drank a LOT of beer! Here's to hoping we'll be celebrating many more anniversaries with Triple C, as it helps remind me what year of marriage I'm in these days! 😂

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