T. Dubya - Some Kinda Light - Debut EP Now Available

Well, when 2020 started out my plans for releasing my debut album were slightly different than what's actually come to fruition. Due to the unforeseen covid days craze, my resources and ability to get back into the studio to finish what I'd started seemed to slip away along with all the fun shows and events that were on the books for Summer 2020.

As time moved on and we all learned to shift and adjust to what appears to be the new norm (at least for a while), I finally found some clarity in planning myself. As opposed to going back into the studio to record the other songs I had slated to release, I've now decided to just get the music that's ready out there!

Some Kinda Light is a three song EP that was produced by Leonardo Solis of Spaceland Studios and the band SOLIS. I still plan to work with him on some future projects, but seeing as there's a new norm for everything else, it just seemed right to move on from these first three tracks.

Streaming wherever you stream music on Friday, August 28th and available for pre-order on bandcamp and itunes, I hope you enjoy listening to the new tracks. If you'd like a free download, head over here and drop your email and I'll send you a copy.

Thanks to everyone for the support and listening, hope you're all staying positive and healthy out there.

Peace, love and light,

t. dubya

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