Soul Dog Choice in a Crazy Ass World

Some days you wake up and turn on the news, and it feels like the world’s coming to an end. With the barrage of stories that hit the airwaves Friday morning, between the senseless murders to half a billion animals dying in the Australian fires, it made for a strange vibe of a day that certainly felt like our existence is nearing an end.

Thankfully this morning, I chose a walk around the neighborhood + meditation + music in place of the reading or listening to the news. While the vibes still lingered, I took Ram Dass’ advice of searching deeper within to explore the soul, in an attempt to leave the ego behind.

I love meditating, even though I sometimes make excuses as oppose to just doing it. For me, silent reflection often slowly evolves into energies that encourage creation. And while my day to day hustle can feel just as egotistical as any other capitalist business, the motivation ultimately stems from creating.

💥 Creating - that's it! I feel more at one with the soul when I’m creating. So as I remembered those realizations this morning, it also brought about a shift in energies of excitement for all today holds. As Ram Dass also often said - Be. Here. Now.

So what does today bring you might ask? I’m heading back into the studio this afternoon to finish a song that will be the first original single I release this spring. While you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get all the lyrics, this phrasing seemed timely to share. It’s funny how meanings of phrases and lyrics can shift with what’s currently happening in the world. Perhaps they'll speak to you in a completely different way than they do to me. Ah, the joy of art.

Too much fear, too much hate.

Can’t turn on the news without

Another dead body in your face.

What will it take for us to wake up and see?

Life’s not about winning, it’s about setting your mind free.

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✌️& 🎶,

t. dubya

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