Resolutions, Goals & Intentions - Oh My!

The beginning of a new year always brings about a world of thoughts and emotions. I'm sure it's similar for you, whether it be a focus on new year resolutions vs. goals and/or intentions. I've always felt a bit lost when trying to come up with goals and resolutions to stick to in the new year. I try. I mean I write things down that I'd love to accomplish, but have never really stuck with the whole "S.M.A.R.T." way of doing it. I recently watched a webinar that Pat Flynn presented on goal setting, where he actually took some notes out of Michael Hyatt's playbook and presented the "S.M.A.R.T.E.R." methodology.

  • S = Specific - these need to be more detail oriented rather than generic.

  • M = Measurable - perhaps instead of saying I want to meditate more, you'd create habit based goals that won't allow you to fail. So I'm setting a goal of "never miss two days in a row" of my meditation practice.

  • A = Actionable - Pat suggests starting with a strong verb, which I haven't really figured out how exactly to work that one in, but can find ways to make it actionable.

  • R = Risky - Do your goals get you out of your comfort zone? Do they stretch you from your normal routine? This one is tough for me, and likely for others; as I find it challenging to set a goal that unattainable without absolutely doing or acting differently than previous times.

  • T = Time - Frequency, start date, deadlines, this one's fairly straightforward

  • E = Exciting - I really like the addition of this, as I believe we should always be setting our visions of our future self into a realm that utterly excites us. If our goals and resolutions are exciting, in theory it would be easier to keep your intentions moving you in the right direction towards achievement.

  • R = Relevant - Do your goals and resolutions relate to the person you want to be? Another one that's pretty straightforward.

I believe it's also important to segment goals out into their respective categories, so you can stay focused and now how to prioritize a work / life balance. So here's a snapshot at what I've come up with so far. I'm still working through some of these, and will likely add a few more.


  • Grow my annual revenue by 20% vs. 2019 by developing a new client relationship that will serve their business growth as well

  • Speak / Present at 5 new conferences or events in 2020

  • Document and release content; produce a weekly blog post highlighting upcoming events, current processes within the event planning cycle and engaging other industry professionals

  • Release my debut e.p. by August 1, 2020, along with 3 more singles by the end of 2020


  • Enhance my meditation practice with a minimum of 4 times per week, by never missing consecutive days

  • Enjoy a kitchen dance party with my beautiful wife a minimum of 5 times per week (when we're home together and not on the road of course)

  • Say NO more unless it ultimately aligns with my visions and truly serves my family and me

So there you have it. My goals and resolutions for the new age roaring 20's, and the upcoming year.

P.S. I don't expect you to care about my goals necessarily, and as I've said before, I use these "content" platforms as a way to put things out into the universe that will also hold myself more accountable. I say that to also say, thank you for taking the time to give a read. I hope you've found some value in it.

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