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Life is not about winning. It’s about setting your mind free from the constant worldly struggles and internal conflicts, while making choices, decisions and actions that not only better our own realities of existence, but also for the betterment of all living things around us.

I sat on releasing this solo dig, mainly out of fear of vulnerability and concern of what others might think. I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers or offend anyone, but I realize that the whole point of this is to dig into topics of conversation that are too often swept under rugs.

Believe and worship whatever God(s) you want to, but if you’re not making decisions and taking actions in the spirit of the divine, then what’s the point of worship?

I’m opening up a bit here, and it feels vulnerable to share my experience and relationship with Religion. It’s evolved throughout my life, and for the past 15 years or so I’ve felt an aversion to the very definition of Religion.

I think a lot of it has to do with the hypocrisy I’ve seen from some folks who praise and worship certain religious leaders while also blatantly taking actions that go against said leaders teachings.

Lately though, through meditation, I’ve found myself re-examining my relationship to Religion in general, along with the impacts of making conscious decisions and actions based in spiritual faith.

And not “faith” in the idea of a superhuman god, but faith in the divine nature that resides in all of us, that connects us as conscious beings, and that ultimately makes us all One.

So, I’m curious about others relationship to Religion, which caused me to share my own. Whether it’s a God, the Holy Spirit, the Cosmos, or Nature - How does your relationship to higher powers manifest in your daily lives?

If you care to listen, Ep. 24 is live now on YouTube and all podcasting platforms as well!

As always, in love & light ✨ ~ tw

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