Elonzo Wesley Release New Album - Songs to No One

Many of you probably already know that I play mandolin in an americana/folk band out of Charlotte called Elonzo Wesley. Well, we're super excited to release our second full length album, Songs to No One today. Jeremy, the band leader and songwriter has done it again in crafting some beautifully written tunes...and we (the band) like to think we've added a nice little influence on how they come together. It's now available on all digital streaming platforms, including spotify and itunes, and I'd love for you to give it a listen. Hell, if you're feeling real generous maybe even add a few songs to a playlist? It really helps!

My favorite track is Regular Guy. J has his own reasons and inspirations behind it, but for me it really depicts an interesting perspective on life and some of our daily routines as humans. There are nuggets of gold within the lyrics in this tune, highlighting the dichotomy that is the daily drudge of going to work in corporate america and working long hours just to afford a tiny slice of the "american dream." Check it out, would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks as always for stopping by my little slice of the interwebs. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to know about, or hear from me on.

Peace & Music,


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