Elonzo Wesley Release Live From the Evening Muse

Seldom covered on the blog and website is my endeavor as mandolin picker with Americana-Indie-Folk outfit Elonzo Wesley. We've been together since 2017, and while it's mainly our frontman Jeremy Davis' project, we all like to think we have our own special role! Well I'm excited to announce we've (finally) released out recording from the 2018 February show in Charlotte, NC at the Evening Muse.

While our sound continues to evolve and progress, and Jeremy's songwriting is just as solid as ever (in my opinion), it's interesting to have documented and released a pretty early show in what we hope to be a decently-lengthed career as a band. :)

I look forward to hopefully more live recordings down the road so we can look back and compare! Feel free to give a listen on spotify, itunes or wherever it is you stream/purchase music these days.

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