Ep. 15 - Movement & Mindfulness with Audrey Ipapo Baran - Dharma Digs Podcast

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I love hearing stories of how creative entrepreneurs end up starting their business. Often time's it seems as though it's Dharma in the truest sense, and that sure seems to be the case for this week's guest, Audrey Ipapo Baran.

Audrey and I first crossed paths through Elonzo Wesley, the band I play mandolin in, as we worked together to produce a Halloween themed event dubbed Zombie Jam back in 2018. It's been amazing to follow her journey since, and during our chat we not only dive into how Baran Dance all started, but also some of the life lessons she's learned from her mentors and yoga pursuits.

Our segment two quotes to ponder as you're tuning in are below:

What if where I am is what I need? -- Deborah Hay

Body firm. Mind awake. Heart open. -- Barbara Dilley

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. -- Heart Sutra

Audrey's segment three shares are:

OurBridge - At ourBRIDGE, students receive homework help, participate in hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Arts and Math) projects, and engage in a culturally relevant curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning. We provide one-on-one daily English literacy tutoring in order to accelerate the students’ acquisition of the English language. ourBRIDGE for KIDS aims to close the communication gap between school, teachers and families through the coordination of home visits, translation of school documents, and the organization of literacy nights and cultural events for parents at our center. When needed, we also provide parents transportation and translation support at teacher conferences and serve as the liaison between parents and schools.

Heal Charlotte - a placed based organization that does neighborhood revitalization with a holistic approach. "We accomplish this mission through our community events, youth development, family stability programs and building better community relations with our police department to provide a safer and healthier living environment for the communities we serve."

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