2018 Live on the Green Kickoff Festival

The LOTG Kickoff Festival featured Scythian, River Whyless, Fireside Collective, Sinners & Saints, David Childers & the Serpents, Locust Honey and Chase Killough & High Water. We had to fight Mother Nature a bit throughout the weekend, but all things considered it was a great start to what we hope is a busy season in First Ward Park.

On Friday evening we were treated to a killer opening set by Sinners & Saints, a local Charlotte band that "infuse their acoustic, country-tinged tunes with compelling harmonies and foot-powered percussion on repurposed drums from an abandoned kit."

Unfortunately shortly after their set finished up, in rolled a storm that delayed what ended up to be a brief set by headliner River Whyless. For the 50-60 people that stuck out the storms, they were treated to an intimate acoustic performance under the merchandise tent. Performing

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