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Dharma Digs Podcast

Accessing a Higher Plane via the Arts

Dharma - everyone has a purpose in life - a unique gift or special talent to give to others. When we blend this unique talent into our day to day lives with service to others, we experience a divine connection to our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal.


This podcast is a modern day bearded dude’s quest for purpose and inner peace. Host Taylor Winchester shares concepts discovered during his own exploration for personal and spiritual growth as a creative professional. Laidback talks and featured guest interviews dig deep in hopes of accessing a higher plane via the arts, searching for insight, inspiration and possibly a few “ah ha moments” we look for in a modern world full of chaos. While conversations range from topics covering music, art, business and beyond, ultimately this is a podcast in pursuit of purposeful living and positive change.

“When you know how to listen, everyone is the guru.” ~ Ram Dass

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